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Today security breeches cost billions each year and the problem is only getting worse as highly skilled hackers continue to develop and distribute zero day exploits up to as much as a year before many system vendors and "so called" security companies are even aware that there is a problem. Consider the incalculable loss of customer good will, damaged brand image, erosion of market share, loss of customer confidence, damage to personal reputation, damage to credit worthiness of your customers, and more that a security breach can cause.

The relationship between money spent properly architecting and implementing a secure network and the potential monetary loss which an insecure network invites is not obvious. The Risk associated with insufficient computer and network security is common to many organizations. The inadequacy of most physical network infrastructures exposes these networks to Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, and more.  DoS attacks are trivial to execute but can have a profound impact on the target networks.

The lack of palpable security breaches is representative of an inability to effectively detect and defend against Advanced Persistent Threats and advanced attacks from hackers which are capable of retrieving information indefinitely without you knowing your security has been breached.

Selecting the right security solutions can partially alleviate the need for increases in IT spending by detecting and preventing attacks that result in time consuming recovery processes. However selecting the right combination of security solutions, highly skilled security consultants, and making sure your IT infrastructure is "Secure by Design" is our recommended approach if you want to achieve anything close to true security. Maintaining secure systems is an ongoing process involving more than just a single vendor solution. Security needs to be more than an afterthought!

STP (Straight Through Processing), wireless access, Internet and interactive connections to outside networks and companies dramatically increase both the risk of unauthorized access to your critical data and systems and the dollar loss, reputation damage, and loss of client goodwill when it happens. 

Hackers will continue to demonstrate an increasing level of technical sophistication that far exceeds the ability to defend public and private networks.

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