HarvardRG_142013     ROI and COO
what it is    


HRG’s Return on Investment (ROI) analysis details both money and time saved as well as sales and revenue increases related to the proposed investment. An in-depth ROI analysis is a proven high value tool for both vendors and consumers of computer products. 


HRG's Cost of Ownership (COO) analysis examines life-cycle direct and indirect costs including: initial purchase/lease of computing resources, and costs related to support, installation, training, help desk, diagnostic and vendor support packages; operations & administration; systems management, audits, asset management, and more . ...


HRG looks at IT infrastructure expenditures as more than a cost of business. Future IT infrastructure investments need to be assessed based on their potential to produce new opportunities and increased revenue for the enterprise.


HRG, works with you to review planned and installed technology as well as IT mission, process, skill levels, and FTEs in order to clearly understand what is working, how well, and what needs to change to improve performance and productivity for your organization.


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