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Information Management

Data fuels Information Technology developments and without access to good quality data the enterprise fails.

Big Data, Data Integration, Real-Time Business Intelligence (BI), Analytics and In-Memory are just some recent developments in the field of Information Management. As competition increases, customer requirements change, and demand changes, the volume, velocity, and variety of data vary. Today data must be ingested in real-time, analyzed, and used before it loses its tactical value.

Machine learning, analytics, and information management solutions that enable the analysis of streaming event driven data in real time to extract meaning and intelligence from data are gaining market traction.  These solutions allow the enterprise to respond in real-time through a machine assisted human response or through a fully automated response to an event threshold or trigger.  This class of IT solution delivers high value insight and intelligence by enabling and facilitating the recognition and analysis of significant emerging and continually evolving patterns as they occur in real-time streaming data.  Now information management savvy organizations can augment real–time streaming data analysis with additional meaning, context and intelligence derived from their more traditional Row Based data types and archives.

Applications that can utilize real time streaming data deliver extreme value for enterprises focused on the customer driven requirement for increasingly faster query and transactional response that are needed to beat the competition, build customer loyalty, and on-board new customers. This type of data-driven application is  getting easier to build.  This class of application consistently delivers improved business results and reduced costs through the use of machine learning to identify, simplify, and continually modify automated processes and applications.


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