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Cloud Computing

Today executives are overwhelmed by the sheer number and variety of articles, reports, studies, and the volume of marketing information on Cloud Computing. Clear communication and understanding is needed between vendors and customers regarding how each Cloud providers offering contributes value to the enterprise. There is no place for marketing hype when making such critical strategic decisions.

Cloud Computing involves more than providing scalable hardware, network capacity, application support, and software updates. Cloud Computing now has the potential to radically transform how you use Information Technology. Enterprises can now run almost all of their IT technologies in the Cloud without having to own the IT infrastructure. You can rent access to applications and data center equipment, pay on a subscription or per-use basis, and give your employees access to information and resources previously unavailable. Cloud Computing is now positioned to releive IT management of most infrastructure decisions allowing them to focus more strategically for the benefit of the enterprise.

From the user point of view, you don’t need to know anything about the infrastructure of the Cloud computing environment. You only need to know if the Cloud computing environment meets your requirements for running your applications.

As customers increasingly face pressures from competitors they are starting to turn to Cloud Computing as a cost effective way to meet challenges and remain competitive. However, implementing Cloud computing can have its risks and enterprise decision makers need to be clear on these risks before moving to the Cloud. 

Cloud Computing allows you to migrate everything all at once or one function at a time hosting your own applications while you migrate in a controlled manner to the Cloud. However, many companies remain reluctant, for a variety of reasons, to trust the cloud for their mission-critical applications.

Cost reduction is not the only benefit to be derived from a move to Cloud Computing. Time-to-market, response to competition, and increased customer demand are also very compelling reasons for embracing Cloud Computing.

HRG works with you to assess and qualify Cloud Computing service providers in a confidential manner without no unecessary exposure to sales and marketing pressure from providers. Once you have made your short list selections HRG is available, as needed, to help ensure your success should you decide to move to the Cloud whether your choice is a private, public, securely hosted, or hybrid Cloud.



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