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Founded in July of 1993 Harvard Research Group Incorporated (HRG) is a market research and consulting company. We deliver solutions to business, marketing, and information technology problems. HRG provides unique third party perspective, advice, and assistance.


HRG delivers independent unbiased third party review, assessment, and analysis of technologies, products, and markets. Our research focus and the results we produce are always fresh and actionable based on an in-depth understanding of current and evolving market dynamics. Our team has provided services to companies ranging from the largest in the industry to the smallest start-ups. We have worked with hundreds of diverse companies, treating each engagement as a special relationship, with customized services at competitive prices.


All client engagements are unique and confidential. We conduct interviews with Business and Information Technology Professionals every business day of the year. Through up-to-date primary research on the experience and opinions of decision makers you are kept in touch with the day-to-day realities of the global Information Technology marketplace. Our philosophy is simple: we value integrity, confidentiality and results!


HRG employs the highest “quality- standards” through incremental step-by-step process review combined with an ongoing pervasive peer review process. Our research and consulting methodologies cover projects from the concept through the design and delivery phase. Research and consulting projects are thoroughly reviewed both internally and with the client at each pahse of implementation..


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